Membership Information


Levels of Membership

Regular Members join the Exchange in order to utilize our many other services, such as our plan room, website and weekly newsletter.  Regular members are typically involved with the bidding process in some capacity.  Dues for regular members are $495 annually.

Upgraded Members are regular members who utilize our on-line plan room.  These members have the extra benefit of viewing plans and specs online.  Upgraded members pay an additional $700 per year for the online service.  Dues for upgraded members are $1195 annually.

Affiliate Members join the Exchange in order to fulfill the group requirement necessary to receive their workers compensation or blue cross insurance.  Dues for affiliate members are $150 annually.


Why should I join?

As costs continue to rise, joining the Exchange can actually save you time and money.  Members can look at plans and specifications in our plan room, request copies of what they need, check out plans overnight, or view everything online!  Why pay for plans to bid a project, when you can stop into the plan room and do your take-offs right here, (or go online and save yourself the trip).  We track projects from the pre-bid stage to contracts awarded, doing everything we can to help our members stay competitive in today's tough market.  


Some Member Benefits...

Full Service Plan Room Bidders Lists
On Line Plan Room Annual Guide Book
Website w/Project Listings Classification Listings
Detailed Project Info Copy Service
Weekly Newsletter FTP/Flash Drive Download Assistance
Daily Updates UPS Service
Current Projects AIA Documents
Pre-Bid Projects Health Insurance
Contracts Awarded Workers Comp Insurance
Job Tracking Social Events

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